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    DQ45CB Motherboard/Core 2 Quad Processor Q6600 Compatibility


      I recently had to replace my motherboard....I purchased the DQ45CB Motherboard and it says that it supports my Core 2 Quad Processor Q6600, but when I boot it, it tells me that the motherboard does not support this CPU and shuts down the PC....I see under the motherboards supported CPU page that only a specific version (SLACR) of this chip is supported and of course I don't know which one I have but assume the other (SL9UM), but does anyone know if there is a BIOS version update that would fix this issue or do I need to get another board?

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          Yes, i agree with you. It's a shame that only one of the steppings of the Q6600 processor is supported on this board. I think that there shoud be a reason why the Q6600 with SL9UM is not supported on this board. The only reason I can find so far is that may be this motherboard does not support processors with a TDP of more that 95W. I am not sure the intel will issue a new bios yet to make this specific stepping of the Q6600 supported on this board. I think it would be better to change the board or the processor. The place where you bought the motherboard and/or processor should be able to help you in exchanging since they have sold you incompatible components. As far as I know, the SL number can be found on the box of the processor so they should know if the cpu is compatible or not by just check the SL number.


          Hope this will helpful to you.



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            Unfortunately, I don't have the box for the processor, the proc was included in my original PC and the motherboard box does not say anything more than it supports Core 2 Quad Processor, which is why I thought I was ok...so if there is not a fix for my motherboard problem, any suggestions of which motherboard would support the SL9UM Quad Q6600?

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              Eerily similar issue here. I just purchased a new Core 2 Quad Q9300 CPU for my dekstop which has an  Intel DQ45CB motherboard in it. Running Windows 7 Ultimate with 4GB RAM. My issue is when I put in the new  Core2Quad processor and I enabled the Core Multiplexing option in my  Bios my pc will noot boot. I have the most recent Bios update for the  DQ45CB(per the processor specs any Bios over 0059 should be fully  compatible and im on 0129). If i disable the core multiplexing option,  the pc boots fine but will only show the 2 boxes under Performance in  Task manager for CPU Usage History so it will not run in "Quad" mode.  Has anyone ran across this or have any ideas as to how I can get past  this. My Core2Duo runs fine but I'd really like to utilize this new  processor with that board! Any help or suggestions would be greatly  appreciated.