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    Dual display issues with DC3217IYE


      Hello all,

      I recently got my Intel NUC DC3217IYE, and I'm really loving it so far.

      I have 2 screens connected to it (both using HDMI). I have put Ubuntu and Arch Linux on it. (I haven't used Windows, as I don't have access to a copy.)


      I'm having an issue where occasionally, the first HDMI port stops displaying anything. I haven't been able to find steps to reproduce the problem, unfortunately.


      Here's more detail:

      - The monitor is still getting a signal. Every now and then, it will briefly say that it lost signal, but it will immediately return to just a black screen, but not the "power-saving-no-signal-mode."

      - When it happens, it's usually during a transition between the X server and a terminal screen. (Not always. I have had it boot up and only have my terminal displayed on HDMI 2)

      - The OS "thinks" the display is OK, i.e. it still tries to display things on that output, and I can interact with windows on that output.

      - Sometimes killing the X server and restarting it fixes the issue. Other times it does not.

      - Sometimes removing the cable in HDMI 1 and plugging it back in fixes the issue. Other times it does not.

      - If I switch the HDMI cables around, whatever monitor is plugged into HDMI 1 will still be black, and the monitor in HDMI 2 will be OK.


      I'm posting this here as opposed to a Linux forum because I'm not sure if this is a hardware or a software issue.


      I really wish I had more information.


      Has anyone experienced a similar issue, or does anyone know what the problem may be?


      Thanks in advance!