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    Windows Server 2008 Can't See Raid Array


      I can't understand why Win 2008 Standard edition won't see my Raid 1 'SAS' array. I've got the latest drivers and updated the firmware, but it just refuses to see it. It's a new build using Intel S5000VSA board and Intel SC5299BRP chassis, 2 x Fujitsu SAS drives for the array and 2 x WD RE3 SATA drives for storage. The SATA drives  can be seen OK but not the SAS.


      Thanks for any assistence. 

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          Hi there,


          Assuming that you have the latest firmware:

          Bios, BMC,SDR

          Oprom Version.


          And assuming that you are using the hard drives that are compatible and tested by Intel Refer to the THOL.


          Let me summarize. the steps that i would do:

          You have the S5000VSASAS board 4 blue sas ports and 2 black sata port.

          You have your sata drive connected to the sata port, and your sas drives to the blue sas port.

          SATA controller enabled and it is configured as RAID in the BIOS, Mass Storage Controller enabled and it is configured as RAID

          You create the raid array using Ctrl+ E


          Load the OS CD.

          Load the F6 driver downloaded from the link below using a USB memory stick

          Website: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/T8Clearance.aspx?sType=&agr=Y&ProductID=2487&DwnldID=17646&url=/17646/eng/ESRT2_Windows_v.13.06.0212.2009_WHQL.zip&PrdMap=&strOSs=170&OSFullName=WindowsServer*2008&lang=eng

          Install the OS on the selected drive. Note: occassionally, during the installation, it may ask for a cd driver, but this is RAID F6 driver.


          Let me know if you followed the same steps as above,


          All the best,




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            Aryan, thanks for the reply.


            I did all that and the drivers are the same as your link. The hard drives are listed in the THOL except the capacity is smaller. However, I'm not using SATA as my raid I'm using SAS and I've enabled the SAS controller. The array was created using the same method and its fine.I also updated the bios, BMC and FDR using the deployment assistent via internet and it downloaded and updated the board. I can see and load the latest Intel embedded raid driver, but Windows 2008 Server still won't show the array, so I've got nowhere to install the OS except my SATA drives which are for DATA only.




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              Thanks for the reply. My raid is SAS based not SATA. Definately using the blue ports for SAS and the black ports for SATA drives. The array is configured correctly and the motherboard has all the latest updates. I've tried loading the latest SAS raid drivers for both 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows 2008 Server, but neither bring up the array as a choice for installation of the OS, although I can see the SATA drives. It's very frustrating as Intel don't have answers for me yet, and Fujitsu are not interested. I've already spent 3 days just trying to get past the initial installation setup! I have 24 hours to resolve this and will then dump the SAS drives in favour of new SATA, but it's an expense I'd rather not incur.


              Anyone else?


              Thank you.