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    No option for Enabling Acceleration In Intel Rapid Storage Technology

    Tushar Khatiwada

      Hello EveryOne,

      I had to disable Acceleration in Intel Rapid Storage Technology to Change SATA Mode to AHCI inorder to boot RedHat alongside Windows as Linux installation is not supported in mSATA operating mode.

      After the successful installation I switched back the SATA mode to Intel Smart Response Technology. I opened up the IRST but there was no option for enabling the acceleration for caching. Here is a screenshot of the program:




      I messed up everything. Please help me enabling the acceleration back.

      Here is the detailed system info:


      System Report



      System Information

      OS name:  Microsoft Windows 7 Professional

      OS version:  6.1.7600  7600

      System name:  TUSHAR-ULTRABOK

      System manufacturer:  Dell Inc.

      System model:  Inspiron 5423

      Processor:  GenuineIntel Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9 1.701  GHz

      BIOS:  Dell Inc., A10



      Intel® Rapid Storage Technology enterprise Information

      User interface version:

      Language:  English (United States)

      RAID option ROM version:

      Driver version:

      ISDI version:



      Storage System Information

      RAID Configuration



      Hardware Information



      Controller name:  Intel(R) Mobile Express Chipset SATA RAID Controller

      Type:  SATA

      Mode:  RAID

      Number of SATA ports:  3

      Number of volumes:  0

      Number of spares:  0

      Number of available disks:  2

      Rebuild on Hot Plug:  Disabled

      Manufacturer:  32902

      Model number:  10282

      Product revision:  4

      Direct attached disk:  TA95123VGZ6ZKX

      Direct attached disk:  S0XLNSAC532389



      Disk on Controller 0, Port 0

      Status:  Normal

      Type:  SATA disk

      Location type:  Internal

      Usage:  Available

      Size:  466 GB

      System disk:  Yes 

      Disk data cache:  Enabled

      Command queuing:  NCQ

      SATA transfer rate: 3 Gb/s

      Model:  Hitachi HTS545050A7E380                

      Serial number:  TA95123VGZ6ZKX

      SCSI device ID:  0

      Firmware:  GG2OA7A0

      Physical sector size:  4096 Bytes

      Logical sector size:  512 Bytes



      Disk on Controller 0, Port 1

      Status:  Normal

      Type:  SATA SSD

      Location type:  Internal

      Usage:  Available

      Size:  30 GB

      System disk:  No

      Disk data cache:  Enabled

      Command queuing:  NCQ

      SATA transfer rate: 6 Gb/s

      Model:  SAMSUNG SSD PM830 mSATA 32GB           

      Serial number:  S0XLNSAC532389

      SCSI device ID:  1

      Firmware:  CXM12D1Q

      Physical sector size:  512 Bytes

      Logical sector size:  512 Bytes



      ATAPI device on Controller 0, Port 4

      Location type:  Internal

      SATA transfer rate: 1.5 Gb/s

      Model:  HL-DT-ST DVD+/-RW GU60N                

      Serial number:  KX7C6L12956

      Firmware:  A103