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    Intel Centrino n1030 WiFi&Bluetooth usage problem under Win8


      Hello, I have DELL N7110 laptop with Intel Centrino N1030 wireless card.


      After switching from Windows 7 to Windows 8 Pro I have noticed an issue in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth being active at the same time.


      To start with I have fresh Windows 8 install and all fresh Intel drivers for wireless and motherboard.


      So the problem is: if Bluetooth is active and sending or receiving some data, Wi-Fi just stops working, etc. web pages stops loading.


      I noticed this problem while having installed Nokia Suite which scans Bluetooth devices every 20 seconds. So in Task manager under Performance tab I can see that Wi-Fi traffic is being constantly cutted down to zero kb/s three times in 60 seconds time-lapse. I mean during this period I was downloading some big file over WiFi.


      After removing Nokia Suite the problem was gone. But here is a new deal: if I use my Bluetooth to send or receive a file my Wi-Fi traffic is also limited to 0 kb/s meaning I can not serf the web or download anything from the web while all Bluetooth activities are done. Meanwhile laptop does not lose connection to my Access point.


      So, somehow Bluetooth traffic which is one the same wireless card with Wi-Fi has more priority than Wi-Fi!


      On Windows 7 there was no such issue, never. I always used Nokia Suite and never had such issue with Wi-Fi.




      I have installed Intel software both, for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


      I hope for your help and some hotfix would be great!