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    DVI not working Intel HD Graphics 2500


      I have a Asus P8H61-M LE motherboard with Intel HD Graphics 2500 and I'm using my VGA port to connect a monitor. Few days ago I've bought an DVI to VGA adapter so I can use my DVI port to connect a second monitor that have a VGA connaction, but it doesn't work, the computer doesn't show that have been any connaction, and theres nothing on the second screen.


      What to do?



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          Hi noam.n,


          You have one monitor connected via VGA to the VGA port on your motherboard, and another monitor connected via VGA-to-DVI into the DVI port on the motherboard - is that correct?


          The motherboard (according to this link; ASUS - P8H61-M LE) has a DVI-D input connection.  This means that it only accepts a digital display connection, so using an adapter on a VGA (VGA = analog) will not work.  You need to get a DVI-D cable to connect between your display and motherboard for it to activate.


          Let me know if you have any other questions,