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    DP45SG USB ports not working?


      Hi Intel ppl

      need ur utmost help here, i have just bought DP45SG board 2 weeks back and as i searched  i have updated the BIOS everything as been told by the several questions asked abt memory how to set it and other stuff i do every thing as per told but now suddenly all of my USB ports r dead,even though the system boots even it gose to the windows xp login screen but i cant login or do anything cos the Mouse and the keyboard(which r both USB) wont work i have tried every other port but none worked so wht should i do now i havent got the slightest clue whts going on? i have been using for the last 10 years intel stuff and none of the thing gave me any problem this is the very first time i have been in trouble

      pls do reply need ur utmost help apprecitate it