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      sorry for the errors, i am not speak english, i have a big problem with a DH61BE board that i bought 3 month ago. When i bought the board the first thing i do was to update the bios to 099 revision, then the usb 3.0 ports had an intermittent disconnection but, this bug was fixed by the renesas driver update. So, later i updated the bios again with de 0109 revision and with this, the intermittent disconnection with the usb 3.0 ports come back again, forever. I have tried many many many kinds of fixes but nothings works, this is the history of my solutions:


      1- I have updated to 0111 and 0113 revision

      2- I have updated to the last driver/firmware of renesas.

      3- I have cleared de cmos/bios.

      4- I have worked with energy options in control panel


      The disconnection is whithout a time rule, mostly when the pc is turned on, woken from a sleep state, and in longer periods of inactivity of usb 3 ports (3-4 hours)


      Please, i have only 25 hours of internet connection, i have suffered this bug for 4 month, there is no warranty in my country, im cuban and to buy a board again is very difficult for me, i will appreciate any kind of suggestion for this problem, waiting help at every minute, Richard