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    Problems with Intel HD Graphics 4000 with Intel Mobo

    David Peterson

      Hopefully I'm in the right place. 


      I put together a new computer today and everything was going well until when installing Windows the monitor went blank.  I thought hopefully it was a fluke and reformatted hard drive and re-installed.  Windows installed!


      I started installing drivers from Intel's website for the motherboard.  I installed the correct display driver for my system and after booting up from restart the computer freezes and the monitor shows a screen full of dark red, fuzzy rectangles. 


      I uninstalled driver and everything works fine again except obviously the display has a very low resolution.  Tried re-installing same driver-same thing.  Tried installing the WDDM driver-same thing. 


      Also, I cleared CMOS and made sure all wiring is correct.


      So I'm thinking its a display driver issue.  Any thoughts?  Is there a generic driver that could fix this?



      Mobo- Intel DZ77SL-50K LGA 1155

      CPU-  Intel Core i5 3570K

      Monitor- Acer  (can get exact model tomorrow)

      Connecting monitor to mobo via HDMI.