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    Vista Drivers for 845 GVSR Board


      I need Drivers for My Desktop Baord 845 GVSR for Vista Sp1 Operating system.

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          Hi Amit,


          This is an old board which is already end of interactive support. Unfortunately, there is no driver for Windows Vista.



          All the Best,

          Regards, Aryan11.png

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            That means even 865 will not have vista support ??????


            then what to do for running vista on 845 or 865 desktop board ????

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              Hi Amit,


              Unfortunately, for all End of Interactive Support boards, they wont make vista drivers for them if it was not supported at all.


              Your only option is to try it and see if it works fine, probably most drivers will be recognised hopefully.


              Other than this, i dont have any other suggestions on this.




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                Fix for older motherboards like Intel 845GVSR etc.,


                (This solution works for any Intel Motherboard)


                No need to donwload or install any drivers.
                Vista has everything built in.


                Only thing is it needs atleast 128 Mb of Video Memory, but for older motherboards like Inter 845 by default the Video Memory is configured to 64 Mb which is resulting in your problem.


                So what you have to do is...




                Restart your computer > Press DEL Key
                Go to BIOS Settings > Advanced > Video Configuration


                1. Change "AGP Aperture Size" from 64 Mb to "128 Mb or Higher"
                2. Leave "Primary Video Adapter" as "Integrated"
                3. Change "Frame Buffer Size" from 1 Mb to "8 Mb"


                and then press F10(i.e., Save changes and continue).


                Sometimes, for the first time you may see screen not aligned properly, in that case just restart once more and Vista will automatically adjust the alignment for you.


                Also, you can change the resolution to your desired one manually as follows...


                1. Click "Start Button"
                2. Right click on "Computer"
                3. Select "Properties" option from the context menu.
                4. Scroll down and find "Disply Settings" option and click it.
                5. Adjust Resolution Size and Mode.


                NOW, ENJOY USING VISTA.....