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    DQ77MK - Video OptionRom Authenticate Fail - using Xeon E3-1230V2




      I am setting up a DQ77MK with an E3-1230V2 as an ESXi host.  I am using a PCI video card, Radeon 7000.  Bios is 058.  I was playing with bios settings but didn't get a stable system, so I loaded default bios settings.  After that, I managed to install ESXi  on an Intel 525 mSATA 30GB SSD.  Upon reboot, I got the two beeps twice.  Video card issue. I tried a bunch of trouble-shooting tips and always received the two beeps twice.  I installed a Core i3-3225 and that got me into the bios.  The event log showed:  "Video OptionRom authenticate fail", with 13 count.  What to do?  shouldn't this board boot, even without video, keyboard and mouse connected?


      A couple of items I suspect based on my research, 1: Intel TXT? disabled. and 2: UEFI boot vs legacy boot?  (Both are enabled)


      Anyone see an issue like this?  I need to use the Xeon because of Vt-d support.