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    Booting a linux kernel on z2760



      According to hints found here and there the linux kernel will not power manage the z2760 and will not benefit of good graphics support but *should* boot at least in text mode or with gma500 fb.

      I had one of those 32bit uefi only windows 8 tablet  and after struggling for some hours trying to boot several linux distros with no success (it just boots in windows 8) I disabled secure boot, realized that uefi support is present only on linux 64bit distros, and rebuilt a gentoo linux from scratch to have a 32 bit uefi usb live stick with grub2, elilo, refind and opensource uefi shell.

      Finally I was able to load grub and tried to boot several precompiled and custom kernels that simply freeze the system. I cannot obtain a single line of kernel output. I spent a couple of day building kernels with different configurations of features and drivers with no luck.

      So is it possibile to boot linux on these SOCs? any hints about correct kernel source tree/patches, .config, boot params, etc.?





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          From the graphics support side, please keep in mind that the drivers for the video controller are to be provided by the operating system developer.


          Concerning the installation process, we suggest that you check with your Linux* distributor directly to expedite your concern.