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    Intel T1300 Upgrade

    Razor Bwa

      Hello and a Happy Monday, to all


      I have a Toshiba Satellite P105-S6004, that works very well and suits my needs, somewhat. I am a college student and unable to purchase a completely new laptop, at this point.


      The Intel T1300 runs at 1.66 GHz. I looked at upgrading it, and according to websites such as these:




      I can only upgrade to an Intel T7600.


      I'd like to go to as many GHz, as possible.


      According to this list, the highest I can go, is a T7600, as well: http://www.cpu-upgrade.com/mb-Intel_%28chipsets%29/945GM_Express.html


      My chipset is mobile intel 945 express chipset family.


      How do I determine the maximum GHz, that my computer can handle?


      Are there limitations? Is it a gamble and I hope my laptop doesn't explode? I'd appreciate help on figuring out the highest that my system can handle, as I want to increase processor speed.

      Couldn't I just upgrade to the Intel T2700? Won't any Intel processor work?


      Thank you in advance, for any assistance, and have the best possible week.