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    HDMI to Dual DVI splitter issues, forcing signal to HDMI

    Ardit Hamzai

      Hi all,


      I have a computer running Windows 7 with Intel HD4000 graphics with one DVI and one HDMI port on it. On the DVI port I have connected a screen and on the HDMI port I have connected a HDMI to 2-DVI splitter. I want to have the three monitors cloned.

      If I connect only two screens, one to the DVI and one to the splitter everything works fine. If I let it boot up with this connection and then connect the third screen in the splitter, everything works. My problem is when you restart the system only the screen connected to the DVI works, and I have to unplug both screens from the splitter and connect them one by one.

      I understand that the way it works is when one screen is connected to the splitter, windows gets its ID, clones the desktop, and when the second one is plugged, the splitter just gives it the signal, so there is no communication between the second and windows. Also, when you plug both screens at the same time, windows doesn't get and ID from a single screen, but the splitter gives it a messed up signal, and windows cannot duplicate it, until they are plugged in one by one.

      I really want this connection to be stable, because I cannot unplug and plug it back manually.

      Is there any way to force windows to send the same signal on HDMI regardless of what is connected to that port, or even if there is no connection at all? Is there a way to save one of the screens ID so when they are both plugged in it recognizes only one?


      Note that this works with another computer that has an NVidia card in it.


      Thank you for your help,