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    dx58so bios update snafu


      When attempting to do a bios update for a dx58so with I7 processor running Vista 64bit, the program starts, then states:

         Unable to continue.  Internal system error:  Programming or internal problem.


      Is this a jumper configuration issue, or something I need to change in the normal bios booting?

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          Was your system running okay prior to the attempted BIOS upgrade, or is it a new build? What was the previous BIOS version and which version are you attempting to upgrade to?


          There are up to six methods of updating an Intel® Desktop Board BIOS to the latest version.

          The number of options made available for any particular board may vary depending on BIOS

          support, drive support and BIOS update file size. You only need to use one.

          • Express BIOS Update

          • Iflash BIOS Update

          • ISO Image BIOS Update

          • Recovery BIOS Update

          • F7 BIOS Flash Update

          • Integrator Toolkit BIOS Files


          More info here:





          If your operating system was already up and running, the • Express BIOS Update - is the most popular route to update BIOS that doesn't require reconfiguring jumper settings. I'm not yet familiar with the • F7 BIOS Flash Update - which is explained in the above link and does not require jumper reconfiguration also, but must be enabled within your current BIOS settings.


          Double check to make sure that you have initiated the appropriate BIOS file for your operating system and motherboard:





          Hope this helps

          Best Wishes

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            Hi there,


            If you have tried several times by one method and it is not working, then you can try by the other method.


            IFlash or recovery should work. Please refer to the manual and read the instructions carefully how to perform them, it's really simple.



            Note: It's only for the recovery method that you have to remove the bios configuration jumper for bios update. The other methods do not require any hardware modifications. And only for the F7 method that you need to enable it in BIOS, the other methods do not require any change in BIOS.