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    DG41RQ onboard video and graphics card not working.


      On Thursday I received the Motherboard, as well as the other parts, I ordered from TigerDirect and have been unable to get any video device to work on this motherboard. The onboard video will not respond at all, and when the graphics card is attached the "Overtemp protect" light comes on. The parts are from the barebones kit from Tigerdirect linked below, though they supplied a different tower. Everything on the board seems to respond except the video. Is this a common error for this motherboard? Would I return this through TigerDirect or through Intel?




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          Hi there,


          Does your system boot? If no, then

          Check if your processor is on the compatibility list and make sure to check which bios version does the board requires for the cpu to work properly:
          Website: http://processormatch.intel.com/CompDB/SearchResult.aspx?Boardname=DG41RQ


          Then make sure that the memory you are using has the features as mentionned on this page:
          Website: http://support.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/dg45id/sb/CS-029147.htm
          Note: Changing the memory voltage and speed may affect the board and void your warranty.


          If both of these components meet the requirements, then continue to the next steps.

          1. Remove the memory
              Does the board issue any beeps? If yes, how many?


          2. Then try a bios recovery using a formatted USB media.

          Instructions for Recovery BIOS Updates
          In the unlikely event that a BIOS update is interrupted, it is possible the BIOS may be left in an unusable state. The recovery process requires the chassis to be opened to move the onboard BIOS Configuration Jumper.

          Recovery with Formatted USB Stick

          1. Copy the recovery file (*.bio) to a formatted usb disk.
          2. Place the usb disk in the target system.
          3. Shut down the system and unplug AC power.
          4. Open the chassis and remove the BIOS Configuration Jumper. See the Technical Product Specification for details including the location of this jumper.
          5. Power the system on.
          6. Wait 2-5 minutes for the update to complete. When the usb drive LED is lit, the system is copying the recovery code into the FLASH device.
          7. System will either turn off when the recovery process is completed or it will prompt you to turn off the system.
          8. Remove usb disk
          9. Replace the BIOS Configuration Jumper.
          10. Restart system.


          Note: these can be found on:
          Website: http://downloadmirror.intel.com/17197/eng/BIOS%20Update%20Readme.pdf
          Page 3



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            Initially to troubleshoot this issue is to use only basic components. Test the system with only the cpu(with fan), motherboard and the power supply and you should get three beeps when you start the system. If you get this then it's nothing much to worry about the processor at this stage.


            Then shut down the system and add one stick of memory, monitor (use onboard graphics), and keyboard (and nothing else).

            Start the system..are you getting any video, any beeps?

            If not, download the latest BIOS and perform a bios recovery.

            Download the bios from this link: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/license_agr.aspx?url=/17563/eng/RQ0010.BIO&ProductID=3058&agr=Y&sType=&PrdMap=&DwnldId=17563&strOSs=38&OSFullName=OS%20Independent&lang=eng

            Put the file onto a USB stick (not bootable) and this should be the only file on the usb stick.

            Remove the bios jumper completely and connect the usb stick to any usb ports and start the system.

            The Bios recovery should start and it may take some time. You should see the activity led on the usb stick to be blinking meaning it is updating the bios.

            After about 10 minutes or when the activity led stops blinking, you can shut down the system and put the jumper back to it's normal position and start the system.


            Procedure for bios recovery: http://downloadmirror.intel.com/17563/eng/BIOS%20Update%20Readme.pdf

            The system should start normally now with video if everything is working fine.


            If this is so, then you can connect the other components and proceed.


            But if still no video, then you there could be something wrong with either the board or the processor or the memory..


            It could be worth trying a different processor, and memory.(Compatibel ones0.


            If you think there is something wrong with the motherboard or any of the components I will recommend you to contact the reseller where you bought the product first. They should be able to replace it for you.


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              Hi Aryan,


              The system gives no video output at all, so will the bios automate the update without my own prompting as I won't be able to see it. The processor and RAM are both compatible, according to Tigerdirect and the information supplied in the boards box. Removing the RAM, I heard no beeping come from the system. It seems the rest of the system is responding as normal, but the system will not give any video output through any devices.


              Testing again just the processor motherboard and processor I get no beeps, so this could be a problem with the processor?

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                Alright, I actually have found the problem. Trying to remove the heatsink to check the processor was in correctly I was unable to remove the heatsink without a pair of pliers, it attached itself too tightly as by attempting to run it without the heatsink for the beeps it got them. Attaching RAM and attaching the monitor we were able to get video. The heatsink supplied by TigerDirect is a socket 775 Intel model, the same my friend has, so it correctly fits the socket but it was the problem.

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                  Hi Kevin,


                  Glad that you found out what was the problem.


                  Anyway if you do need any other help, feel free to ask us.


                  All the best,




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                    Thank you both for all your help, I'm currently installing the Operating system onto this new tower This is my first time building so I guess I missed such a simple mistake lol.