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    DX79SR error 5a


      I have a problem when running the BIOS to display can see the code 5a.

      biosI have turned on in the BIOS raid on the port and configuring the Intel RAID0. Involved in the raid 2 SSDs Intel 520 240GB and installed Win7 Ultimate 64bit. After the first installation everything was fine but after a prolonged shutdown the PC does not have / display code to display 5b / and not to enter the BIOS or by pressing the button on the board.


      That's what I try I disconnected the SSD and to the Marvell controller I joined wg disk caviar black 2 gigabytes but nothing changes still writes to display 5b. this error writes Even though all sata ports empty


      my hardware

      intel dx79sr

      intel core i7 3820

      Gigabyte GTX670 4Gb

      Corsaut 32 gigabytes 1866MHz CL9

      Seasonic SS-860XP 860 watts platinum

      Intel SSD 520 240 Gb

      WD black 2TB