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    82915gv drivers update for window 7



      I have 82915gv chipset graphic card in my computer. I have installed windows 7 but aero theme is not enabled. When I tried to resolved this issue windows 7 gave the alert your graphic card may be able to run aero but driver is not supported. How can I get updated drivers

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          Assuming that it's the 915GV chipset, you could you this utility to check for drivers: http://support.intel.com/support/graphics/detect.htm

          Try to install the drivers that it suggests. However, so far I know there are no drivers available yet for windows 7 for intel boards and components. Windows 7 RC normally comes with loads of drivers already built in. I have tried windows 7 on a normal 3 series desktop board and i didnt need to install the audio drivers at all(for example) and it was working fine..but as a normal routine i installed all the drivers just to make sure it was properly done.


          Windows vista drivers will probably work. I think the windows 7 we have so far is only a release candidate, meaning it is not official yet, hence i guess intel has not made any drivers available yet since it's still under testing. Hope they will come out quite soon with drivers for windows 7.



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            Thanks for help.

            Problem is that there is no driver available for 82915gv in windows vista also. Although it is capable for windows aero but just because there is no driver update available, aero theme is not showing up.

            Is it possible I try different driver like Nividia drivers that will support my hardware?