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    dz77gal-70k No post, Code 04, 20, or 28 Please Help

    Evan Prohaska

      So I won a new Intel Mobo and processor at an Ironman 3 event. I pulled my old mobo and processor and installed the new stuff. After cable managment and ironing out the power kinks I went to boot and low and behold error codes. The codes are as follows code 4 if memory is installed in all slots, code 4 then switches to 20 in slots 1/3, and code 4 then 28 if in slots 2/4. No podt and no video. Please help mey!


      My specs are as follows


      3770k i7

      H100i Water Cooling

      COrsair Vengence 1600mhz

      2 120gb cherryville ssds

      and a 1tb hdd

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          Ruben Ramos

          Hi Evan,


          We understand that you are using the Intel® desktop board DZ77GAL-70k with the Intel® core i7-3770k processor, and it doesn't post.


          Port 80h code values typically increase during the boot process. The early codes are for subsystems closer to the processor and the later codes are for peripherals. Generally, the order of initialization is Processor -> Memory -> Busses -> Output/Input Devices -> Boot Devices. The sequence of POST is system-specific.


          For this case, it could be a hardware defective or bad integration. So please follow the troubleshooting steps recommended found accessing the following link: Desktop Boards — Troubleshooting system no boot issues

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