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    DG35EC Problem

    Muhammed sabeeh M.y

      Hai Everyone,

                          I am using an intel DG35EC board with core 2 quad processer and a 2 GB Ram.I use Windows 7 OS.Sometimes there is a problem when starting up my pc.the screen becomes blank.The light of the ram ( i dont know what that should be called.im sorry if it is wrong.).I recently found out that there is a problem with hibernation.I installed Windows 8 on the pc.at first there was no problem.But later i couldnt switch on my pc.then i switched off the hibernation option on win. 8.then there was no problem.Now i cannot use windows 8 currently.when i install the intel driver on the system,the screen is going blank and the monitor says not optimum mode and i cannot use it.i aborted the idea of windows 8 and installed windows 7.But currently it also becomes stuck after startup and when i am using the system..i think there is some ram problem.when i reinsert the ram from one slot to another there is no much problem.also when i take bios.the screen goes blinking.



         pls. kindly let me knw what is the problem,possible causes and solns.