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    RST - Option to keep data greyed out when creating raid 1 array

    Shane Mcpherson

      I am trying to create a raid 1 volume from an existing disk but the keep data option is greyed out.

      I am using version of the RST console.

      Have 2 3TB SATA disks on a Dell Precision T3500 with Windows 7.

      The primary disk is an MBR disk with a an 71MB OEM partition, a 750 MB recovery one and  504GB system partiaion (C drive).

      The rest of the space is unallocated but as it is an MBR disk it appears in two chunks - the portion bellow 2TB and the portion above (746GB).

      Is it to do with the fact the disk are larger than 2TB?. I would like to convert the primary disk to a GPT disk but not sure if it possible to do this with a system disk without loosing data. The way I got to this configuraton was to create a raid 1 volume from an existing 1TB disk onto a new 3TB disk, then break the raid array back into seperate disks and replace the 1TB disk with a 3TB one, so I was able to create a raid 1 volume without loosing data previously. Now I just trying to reestablish the raid 1 array with equally sized disks.