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    SSD update tool incompatible with Asus P5K SE


      Related hardware:

      Intel X25-M 80GB

      Intel Core 2 Duo E6550

      Asus P5K SE (Intel P45)

      Pioneer DVR-109 IDE DVD Writer


      When attempting to run the SSD update tool with the above hardware, the tool would hang with an "Invalid Opcode" error. With the DVD writer moved to a 865G system, the tool ran just fine. However since the 865G lacked a SATA port the SSD could not be updated on that system.


      After a lot of trial and error, I decided to create a bootable USB key with FreeDOS, then copied all files from the update CD to the USB key, and booted the P45 system with it. I was finally able to manually run the update tool and updated the firmware of the SSD.


      I suspect the tool is incompatable with the Marvell IDE controller used by the Asus motherboard.


      I hope this information is useful for development of future versions of the update tool.