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    DP45SG 4x 1gb DDR3 issues



      I'm trying to install 4 gigs of OCZ DDR3 1333mhz memory into my DP45SG and it works with two sticks, but when I have all 4x 1gb sticks in it just beeps 3 long beeps and I get no display.  I can't figure out what the problem is.  Can anyone help me please?

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          Take new memory 2x2GB sticks or throw your mobo through the nearest window far away from your life because it's an ordinary mobo garbage!!!


          I have those mobo and a lot of probs with it. Tomorrow, mobo goes to find another owner...

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            Have you tried each memory module at a time just to make sure all the memory sticks are working fine and none of them are faulty.

            Having 3 beeps indicates memory error and even if there is one faulty memory (while the other 3 are fine) the system will not post and you will not get any video. And also make sure the memory you are using is supported on this motherboard: http://support.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/dp45sg/sb/CS-029151.htm

            Also check that BIOS is at default settings.



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              That Intel 'Approved Memory' list is pretty much a joke. This motherboard is picky about RAM, and there are many sticks that satisfy the generic specifications that apparently don't work with this board -- I had trouble with PNY chips, and I don't think the chips were defective; I had no way to test this though since this is my first DDR3 system.


              And they give a list of specific memory sticks that they say are known to be good, but it's a very short list, and I wasn't able to find any of those particular chips at my preferred computer component websites.  So the whole 'memory compatibility' page is of little use.


              By the way, I also suspect after reviewing the various forums where problems are described that there is more problems if you use 2GB sticks, or populate all 4 slots.