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    Dual boot question


      I have a three month old dp43tf with two SATA disks plus an IDE hd which I use for essenial backups.  I have Windows XP on one SATA and Vista Business on the other.

      My problem is that I can't change the default boot in the CMOS settings. At the moment it defaults to the IDE disk and I have to use f10 to change to XP or Vista.

      When I go into the boot menu via F2 the boot order can't be changed and saved. Can you help please? (Idon't really mind using f10, but it is not right, I think)

      Cheers, Ade

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          Hi there,


          I was using a software for the BCDEDIT to enable dual boot.


          Software Name: Vista Multi Boot PRO_3.3.0


          Try to google it, may be you can find something, there are other software that can do that as well.



          All the best,




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            Thanks for the answer Aryan: I now have Windows 7 and the problem has disappeared. Windows 7 was not the answer, though, I suspect I was altering the boot order and not pressing "enter" before saving with F10. A beginners error I guess!


            All the best and I hope this helps someone!