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    the lights are on, but no ones home!


      hi all today i opened my pc and gave it a clean with a blower and now it wont start. ive got a D915GAG mobo and sata hard drive p4 ht . ive checked all the connecters and they all seen in the right place and secure. i have a green light inside on the mobo and a green light at the front case but the hard drive light is staying on amber and the monitor is trying its best but keeps turning to amber too. ive tried to start it wih the onboard graphics but no joy. ive got no keyboard and there is no sound or bleeps if you got and suggestion id be gratefull thanks

        • 1. I am ready to invest
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          I was invited at Cherryshares, investment pool a month ago but didn't invest with them, because my friend Jay told me that there are programs that pay more.

          Such as cashtanker, geniusfunds  stoic-capital. What will be better can you advice? I don't want to get scammed.