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    What Changed in Stepping Code Change C0 → C1 for LE80536LC0172M-SL89N → LE80536LC0172M-SLJ8U?


      Hello again, Processors Forum. I'm writing this as a new question so that it didn't get lost in my previous thread.


      When the LE80536LC0172M-SL89N (Intel® Pentium® M Processor LV 738 (2M Cache, 1.40 GHz, 400 MHz FSB) was obsoleted and replaced by the LE80536LC0172M-SLJ8U, as part of a RoHS upgrade, the CPU stepping code changed from C0 to C1. Can you please disclose what changed in the CPU die with this stepping code change? Is there a report you can share showing the exact same functionality between the SL89N and the SLJ8U versions of this CPU? I work in a medical device company where every component change has to be documented and understood, so as much information as you can disclose would be most helpful to me.


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