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    LSI SAS 3000 (4-port 1064e) firmware update?




      Can somebody tell me how to upgrade the onboard SAS controller firmware of an S5000PSLSASR board?

      I have read the instructions:


      Update Instructions
      Warning:  If AXXSASIOMOD, or AXX4SASMOD is installed in SR2600URLX, SR1600UR, SR1625UR, SR2500ALLX, SR1500ALSAS, or SR1560SFHS system
               - SAS controller on midplane/backplane must be disabled in BIOS Setup when updating SAS IO module firmware
               - SAS IO module must be disabled in BIOS Setup when updating SAS controller on midplane/backplane firmware

      Warning:  If any add-in controller firmware is to be upgraded, the onboard controller should be DISABLED in BIOS, and each add-in controller should be done individually by type (For example: two add-in cards with the same type is fine).

      Warning:  If an Intel or LSI SAS HBA (add-in card) is installed in the system, it should be removed before updating onboard SAS controller, active SAS midlane/backplane, or ROMB card.  If not removed, firmware on the HBA card will be erased. Once the onboard controller is updated, only one add-in controller should be updated at a time.

      1. Unzip all of the files from the zip package onto USB key, maintaining the directory structure. Please make sure that the USB key is fully compatible with the EFI version on your motherboard. Some incompatible versions may prevent USB key working normally.

      2. Boot to the EFI shell
          - Press 'F2'  during POSt to enter BIOS Setup
          - Select Boot Manager -> EFI Shell

      3. Change drive and directory location to where you unzipped the package by typing the following commands:
           fs0: <press Enter>    
           cd <SAS FW directory name>

         Note:  You can always get a list of files and sub-directories in the current directory by typing 'dir' command.
                Instead of 'fs0: you may need to type 'fs1:' or 'fs2:', etc. depending on your drive configuration and removable media type.

      4. Type in the name of the batch file that matches your board model and press <Enter>:

      5. Reboot and confirm the OpROM/FW versions (depending on mode) and drives listed.



      It does not work for me!

      If I boot EFI no UBS Key/Stick is recognised.

      The USB stick is FAT32 formatted.

      Do I have to format it a special way to let EFI recognise the USB Stick?

      There is no information on that in the readme file.


      Thank in advance for your help!