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    New install of DG35EC Mobo freezes for 1 minute at boot up


      Just installed a new DG35EC mobo with a Q6700 and 4GB DDR2 800 memory.  Upon reboot, it sits at the Intel BIOS screen (where F2 is displayed), then continues on to boot and run properly.  The delay is almost exactly 1 minute.  I've tried several different settings to get past it but no BIOS changes make any difference.  Happend every time I reboot.  Any ideas?




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          Hi there,


          Firstly I will assume that your hardware are on the list of the compatibility, i mean regarding the board revision and cpu sl number

          Website: http://processormatch.intel.com/CompDB/SearchResult.aspx?Boardname=DG35EC


          Secondly, update the bios to the latest version 0113


          For the boot problem try these steps:

          Bios Settings:
          Advanced>> Hard Disk Pre Delay >> No
          Advanced>> Peripheral Configuration >> Disable the eSATA Port. (if any)


          Go to Boot Menu
          Boot Menu: Advance
          Boot Priority: Hard Disk Drive First
          Boot to Removable Devices Disable
          Boot to Network Disable
          Boot to Optical Device Disable
          USB Boot Disable
          Boot USB Device First Disable
          USB Mass Storage Auto


          Try the system with only one memory module:


          Try the system with the two memory modules on different slots: (dual mode, non dual mode)


          Repeat the steps above if you have other memory modules


          Disconnect any other external devices like camera, printer, card reader and if it makes any differences.


          Let me know how it goes.


          Kind Regards,