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    Dual Xeon E5 or Singel Xeon E5 ?




      Planning of building a graphic workstation. The WS-system will use the whole suite of CS6 Master Collection.


      It is really hard for me to choose which way to build the system, i don´t get the help i need from Intel, Asus and other internet resources. Maybe, and hopefully you can help.



      - Is dual Xeon E5 2630 better than a single Xeon E5 2660?

      - Motherboards, what to choose, Intels W2600CR2 or Asus Z9PE-D8WS, or other?

      - I will use at least 32GB RAM, i don´t find compatible (OVL) memorys list to Intels W2600CR2?

      - If i crank up RAM to 64GB RAM, will it be a difference?


      I intend to use a single Quadro K4000 graphic card. Velociraptor HD, Samsung PRO SSD, 1000W power.


      I REALLY appreciate your answer.


      Best regards: Erik

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          Hello Erik,


          Using 2 Xeon E5-2630 would give you better performance that using a single E5-2660.

          You may want to check the following chart and compare the two processors.  On the E5-2630 remember that everything will be x2.  http://ark.intel.com/compare/64584,64593



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            Hello Sylvia!


            Thank you very much for your reply.


            I also compared the processors in ARK before i wrote to the community. But, the 2630 can´t handle DDR3 1600 and other things compared with a single 2660. It seems like you work at Intel so i go for dual Xeon instead of single. I had more questions but they are still open, i hope that someone can answer them to.


            Have a nice day, best regards: Erik

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              From the Server point of view are you looking for the faster processor or for the more capable one?


              The faster processor for sure will be the E5-2660 with DDR3 1600 Mhz capable memory, but if you are going to use 2 E5-2630 the system will be capable to handle more data since you will have 12 cores working at the same time when its needed.

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                Dear Sylvia,


                Again, thank you very much for your reply on this issue.


                Your question to me regarding faster processor (2660) or more capable processor (2630x2), thats the first question i started this discussion with. This is what i need help with


                I contacted two resellers with similar questions about chosing one fast Xeon or two slower Xeon, both gave me the answer of using the new I7 Extreme processors for the workstation. Both of them told me that the Xeon processors are used for the server market. Well, i don´t want a gaming computer and i don´t want a server, i would like to have a medium range workstation for rendering, video editing etc. It seems like there is a knowledge gap between manufacturer and resellers. I go for your word and i will configure the WS in what i think is the best solution, with the support of ARK and Intel Server configurator. Maybe Intel should consider "upgrading" the knowledge base among your resellers so they can provide accurate information for their clients. I also recommend that you make your website more user friendly. At first it is easy to use it, but, when you want more information it is really hard to find.


                Very best regards, Erik

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                  My answer was in regards to the comparison between the 2 Xeon processors, but now that you mention the intention of the system you want to built, let me clarify that Intel has many flavors and platforms for customers to choose.


                  The I7 extreme edition, with 2011 socket, was make for gamers or video editing, and these chips does not comes with integrated graphics, therefore customers needs to add a video card.





                  Xeon processors are to be used on servers systems; however some of them are compatible and can be use on regular motherboards.

                  • Some of the benefits of using a Xeon processor could be the following:
                  • More rebuts unit to heavy duty
                  • Included wider system buses
                  • More memory capacity supporting fully buffered ECC memory.
                  • More level cache
                  • Ability to interact with other processor. In the same system (multiprocessor system)