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    Sound not working DC32171YE

    joe armstrong



      I've just bought a DC32171IYE and I've installed the latest Ubuntu


      Everything works nicely *except* the sound.


      Any ideas how to get the sound working?


      Has anybody managed to get sound working with linux. I have seen several claims

      that it can be made to work in linux but no technical details of how do do this.


      Do I need some specific kernel modules for this that are not included in the generic

      kernels included with ubuntu.





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          Hello Joe,

          From our side, please check the HDMI cable you are using is 1.4a, since this is the only one that support audio and video.

          You may want to forward your inquiry to Linux* Ubuntu distribution support community for further assistance.




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            joe armstrong

            I didn't know there were different HDMI cables. It has no markings

            but I've used the same cable between an Iphone and my TV, with no problems.

            Right now my problem is with the OS not recognising the sound card.


            I have now tested several different linux kernels, all with similar (bad) results.


            The only version of linux that I have a confirmed report of the  sound working

            was Arch Linux - with a unknown kernel version (I suspect 3.8.8).


            I have upgraded my ubutnu kernel to 3.9.0 and reverted back to 3.8.8. With still no



            Currently alsa sound does not recognise the device. So I have joined and mailed a long

            request for help to the alsa-users forums.


            I have tweeted a bit for help and have one or two responses, non of which has helped.


            I have Googled a lot but have not yet found a single blog that gives detailed instructions

            of how to get the device working.


            I'm not sure how the ubuntity commity forums could help - this is a kernel/sound problem

            since Ubuntu just uses alsa-sound I've sent mails to their forums instead.


            If anybody reading this has made this work on Ubuntu could they please tell me exactly how?


            (I chose Ubuntu since it is probably the most widely used linux OS)




            I can post the alsa-info logs if this helps - or provide you with the output of lsmod etc. if any of this





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              Joe, try verifying the kernel in the ark Linux distribution and check in the Ubuntu community how to update the kernel to the same as ark Linux*.


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                joe armstrong

                I currently think the problem lies with the alsa drivers - the arch kernel seems to have some patches

                related to this problem, I'm getting some help from people on the alsa developers list.


                Somewhere somebody in the world somebody will sooner of later solve this, or am I the first person

                to want to build a media box using the DC3217IYE and ubuntu?


                Has anybody reading this list successfully made the sound work on the DC3217IYE with an

                out-of-the-box ubuntu install? If so please mail me.





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                  Hey Joe,  going to sound odd but have tried using the other HDMI connector?  I've 'heard' something about the kernel / audio issue and it's only driving audio out of one HDMI port.