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    Problem with DQ77KB on boot

    Ido Haim

      I have recently purchases the Intel DQ77KB motherboard. I've installed the latest bios and Windows 8, everything seemed to work fine.


      Until I've started to notice that on boot, the tiny Windows 8 loading circle appears and the intel logo is still there. It just appear beneath the Logo and I can still see the boot options. Entering the bios (F2) seems to work fine. However, attempting to enter the boot menu (F10) does not work as expected. The boot menu apparently loads because it does boot from the usb. However, I do not see it, I just see the intel logo until the first device boots.



      Perhaps someone has any idea as to why this is happening? :/


      Thanks in advance!

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          Hello Ido,


          Here are our recommendations for this issue:


          - Restart the system and start pressing the F10 key when the system is restating.  Do not wait for the splash screen ( Intel Logo).Let me know if you are able to see the boot options


          - uninstall the Graphics drivers and try to boot the system using the Windows graphic drivers.  Let me know if you are still seeing the boot options when using these drivers.



          Let me know which processor you are using.


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            Ido Haim

            Hello Sylvia,


            Thanks for the respond. I have also had a live chat and opened a support ticket [8000674193]

            My processor is the I3-3225. The support guy recommended I did a cmos reset, that seemed to fix the boot menu problem. However, still upon booting I do not see the windows logo, I see the Intel logo with the little windows loading circle. Seems like the boot logo is just frozen there.


            This might be a very minor problem, but it didn't do that before and it bothers me a little.



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              Since you already have a service ticket, we have forwarded it to your local support group so they can assist you on this inquire.