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    Intel SSD 320 300GB - sudden BSOD in Win 7 and the drive is dead (not the 8MB bug..)


      I had a sudden BSOD in Win 7 (Lenovo W520 laptop) with Intel SSD 320 (can not attribute it to any specific activity, happened while browsing the web,,,). After spontaneous restart the computer did not boot and got stuck at the Intel pre-boot check screen. All subsequent attempts to boot failed.


      I removed the drive from the laptop and connected to an internal SATA port in another computer. The bios recognized the drive as SSD 320 with 0 MB capacity. Windows does not recognize the drive. Has this ever  happen to anyone here - this does not seem to be the infamous 8MB bug? The drive is under warranty but I am more concerned about completely losing my data - as I unfortunately have not backed up the drive yet. Any suggestions as for the recovery options? Will Intel assist with the data recovery?


      Thanks a lot in advance for the replies.