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    DG45ID - When will 1280x800 & 1440x900 be available?


      I started a troubleshooting case with Intel about a week ago and they couldn't figure out how to resolve my problem. The problem is that the GMA X4500HD on the DG45ID has a display problem with my monitor. I sent a load of pictures to the intel tech support guys and they couldn't resolve and suggested it was an issue with the monitor manufacturer. I said otherwise because the monitors work fine when used in conjunction with a different system.


      I figured out that a solution may be to implement 1280x800 & 1440x900 on the GMA X4500HD drivers since they currently aren't available. GMA drivers are at 15.x and I hope that the next version 16.x might enable these resolutions so that my problem can be resolved. Right now there is a driver to enable the EDID of monitors to register to the GMA. I tried that but it didn't resolve the problem as newer drivers have been released. Can anyone here on this support forum answer my questions?


      My questions are:


      1) When will those engineers at Intel implement these two resolutions properly?

      2) When will the next major drivers for the GMA be issued?