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    DX48BT2 BIOS Question


      New to this community to day. I have a DX48BT2, 4GB DDR3 91366) Duo Core E7200. Bios is BTX3810J.86A.1554.2008.0501.1628. System built in 11/08. I rrun openSUSE Linux 11.1 for production and 11.2 milestone 1 for testing. Also run latest version of SUN Microsystems VirtualBox (XP on production version) and trying to install WIN7-RC on test. Cannot install Win 7. Message says VT-x muxt be enabled in BIOS. I can fin Virital Appliance under Serurity and it is enabled, Virtualbox is enabled but WIN7 starts to install and gets error Cannot run on 32bit processor. My processors iare 64 bit. How can I verify the BIOS has VT-x enabled, documentation implies it should be.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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          addition question, noticed there is question able VT-d whats the difference between it and VT-x? Will updating my Bios help this?

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            First of all for virtualization to work properly both the motherboard and the cpu has to support VT. However in your case, the E7200 does not seem to have VT feature: http://processorfinder.intel.com/List.aspx?ParentRadio=All&ProcFam=0&SearchKey=e7200 . If the cpu does not support VT, even if the motherboard support VT, the VT option will normally not appear at all in the bios. I assume the error you are getting could be because of that. Moreover if your operating system is a 64bit one you can only use 64bit guest os in virtual box and the same apply for 32bit operating system. I experienced that issue before. Hope these info will be useful to you.



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              Thanks looks like your right. I need at least E8400 to get VT. The the CPU I originally wanted but not available locally. Do you know if upgrading to that processor also requires a BIOS Upgrade or just an update? Since the E8400 is compatible with my mother board and my memor is already 1333 MHZ it does not need update.


              Thanks for your help.