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    Change in E5200 box / case ?!?


      I just received a brand new E5200 02/19/09, but on the box it say - Intel Pentium Inside, as before it was - Intel Pentium Dual-Core Inside, the sticker is with that line as well. Is there a place where we can input the S/N of the cpu and check if genuine?


      on the left is the new one, on the right an old case. There are other differences as well. Also the CPU heat sink is not smooth on the bottom where the thermal compound is.  On the small sticker that comes with the cpu passport it say - "Intel Pentium Inside", and not "Intel Pentium Dual-Core Inside". So i am just asking if that's a new kind of casing and labeling or there is something strange with that batch of cpu's. The product code and MM# are the same as the old ones, only the case/box, labels, and heat sink is different as well as the fpo/batch ( but that's normal).

      Any information will be greatly appreciated.