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    HD4000 driver causes LCD crash on Zenbook UX32VD - Help

    Frederic Feddema

      Hello, - sorry for my bad english. I just bought a used Zenbook UX32VD with i7 and HD4000 / GT620M and reinstalled windows 7. So far no problem - then i installed the 3071 (64bit) drivers for HD4000 and the display went black and stays black. You have no controls, even you see no bios screen, dos (windows booting screen) and windows. The graphics work on HDMI but when you try to switch back do LCD panel - this panel isn't recognized any longer!


      When you try to switch via fn keys - to switch between the displays or just activate / deactivate it - it stays black - even no backlight!!!!!


      I just dont know what to do. Bought this Zenbook, allthough it is used for a lot of money and it looks like all that money is gone after one day of having it.


      There are other Posts from UX32VD owner that tell the same story and everyone says - "no chance, bring it in - seems to be hardware crash". Look for more here (it seems they have an older driver but the same problem):




      Can anyone from Intel tell me if this problem is known and solved or what to do now? Guaranty request to ASUS? Request to Intel?


      I uninstalled the driver, installed older driver, installed INF update driver again and again, bios update, bios update to older version - no success. even with windows 7 reinstallation no success


      This has never happened to me - set up whole server client infrastructures but causing a hardware crash after installing the newest driver? Damn!


      Please help


      Best Regards from Germany

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          I see this machine carries Intel® HD Graphics 4000 + Nvidia video card. This is called switchable graphics computer, our latest graphics drivers support switchable graphics.


          Does this problem remain after installing customized driver from your computer manufacturer?

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            Frederic Feddema

            Sorry, no. I switched to safe mode via HDMI, uninstalled the 3071 driver and reinstalled all the original drivers - even reinstalling windows does not take any effect. I think that somehow hardware was flashed by updating the HD4000 driver because the screen is just black, even the backlight does not start when i turn on the device.


            There is another guy from germany with the same problem - german thread - the members name is "roskas":



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              Exact same issue here. Was updating Intel HD4000 driver for Asus UX32VD and upon restart black screen with only back light and no image. I know my way around computer hardware and was surprised to find that this driver in fact bricks the display, regardless of fresh windows install, wiping and reinstalling every available driver including the originals(and the one you linked), and even updating BIOS all through the HDMI out. Considering I don't have a warranty on this laptop anymore, I feel Intel should be the one paying for the replacement of whichever component has actually been destroyed. Pat yourselves on the back for making me agree to your terms of service. You have just gone down to the bottom of my list of respected companies. I'd love to get that respect back with a fix before I am forced to pay for this things repair, being that I am a current college student this is just great. I am very frustrated that this issue is being ignored Intel.

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                Frederic Feddema

                Will, i totally agree. Just contacted ASUS and they told me that only the first buyer has guaranty and i dont because i bought it "used" hahaha even i have invoice and guaranty-card etc. I also set up whole server client structures and exchange server etc. The fact that a normal, new and "final" driver causes a hardware brick and i'll have to pay for it is unacceptable. ASUS is absolutely uncooperative by now. I used the UX32VD for 2 days - just to set it up new! It all worked until the 3071er driver setup. While running this setup the display goes black and stays - unacceptable, sorry.


                Will, it would be nice if you would keep me up to date with your case.


                Best regards from Germany

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                  Same thing happened with the V9.17.10.2828 HD4000 driver from the Asus UX32VD download page.

                  I went through the ordeal at the end of December. Asus replaced the LCD on warranty.

                  Of course I asked them to remove that driver from their support page!

                  (I am back to the original driver, and if I should have any need to update later, I will do the update with an external monitor and the internal LCD switched off - without knowing if that helps!)

                  Here is another complaint:

                  UX32VD driver corrupts/fries/breaks video hardware - is this possible? - Graphics Cards - Graphics & Displays

                  My guess is that the HD4000 driver installation writes into the unsecured EDID of the LCD, but I have no idea if there is any way to reflash it. (And the Asus repair service didn't repair my laptop just with a reflash even after the problem must be very well known to them.)

                  Can German warranty laws help you? With all the records on the internet you can show that the error must be a design flaw.

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                    What devices did they list as replaced? I'd like to know on the off chance I can find somewhere to order a replacement to do myself. If it's just the LCD this might be possible, but if other components were replaced as well I can't be sure.

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                      Asus service informed me when they were waiting for the replacement LCD and named it as "LCD 13.3' FHD EWV SLIM EDP LED". I did not get an explicit replacement list after the repair.

                      If you look at the ifixit teardown of the UX32VD the LCD is directly connected to the motherboard, and they did not mention replacing that.


                      HWiNFO64 shows the following information about the replaced LCD:

                      Monitor -------------------------------------------------------------------

                      Chi Mei [Unknown Model: CMN1343] ------------------------------------------

                      [General information]

                        Monitor Name:                           Chi Mei [Unknown Model: CMN1343]

                        Monitor Name (Manuf):                   CMN          N133HSE-EA1

                        Serial Number:                          Unknown

                        Date Of Manufacture:                    Week: 52, Year: 2011

                        Monitor Hardware ID:                    Monitor\CMN1343

                        Max. Vertical Size:                     16 cm

                        Max. Horizontal Size:                   28 cm

                      [Advanced parameters]

                        Input Signal:                           Digital

                        Color Bit Depth:                        8 Bits per Primary Color

                        Digital Video Interface Standard Supported: DisplayPort

                        Display Type:                           Monochrome/grey scale

                        Gamma Factor:                           2.20

                      [DPMS Modes]

                        Standby:                                Not Supported

                        Suspend:                                Not Supported

                        Active Off:                             Not Supported

                        Standard Colour Space:                  Not Supported

                        Preferred Timing Mode:                  Supported

                        Default GTF Supported:                  Not Supported

                        DFP 1.x Compatible:                     Yes

                      [Supported Video Modes]

                        1920 x 1080                             282 x 165 mm, Pixel Clock 138.78 MHz

                        1920 x 1080                             282 x 165 mm, Pixel Clock 92.52 MHz

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                        This is the article that I found about reflashing an EDID:

                        Fixing EDID on DVI Monitors Showing No Signal When Windows Vista Boots - Komeil Bahmanpour

                        But with the UX32VD the situation is different: The display is not just locked to some standard low VGA resolution but is off already at boot time (I could see that the backlight was still active on my laptop). Maybe the HD4000 chipset detects the invalid EDID right from the start and switches the connector off.

                        Another thought from an article related to Komeils description: If you really want to try to reflash the internal LCD do not operate windows on the external display (VGA or HDMI), which might lead to reflashing the wrong EDID (of the external display). Connect to your windows session displaying on the broken LCD from a second computer via a remote desktop tool like VNC.

                        I also looked through the powerstrip forum and they were not giving any confirmation that the paid license will activate the EDID flashing functionality (and if EDID writing would work with the HD4000).

                        All this will be tedious and time consuming and without guarantee for success, so just swapping the LCD might be the better try.

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                          Ya, sounds like a replacement is my only option. I can't find that exact part anywhere online, so I'm guessing doing the replacement myself is out of the question (please let me know if anyone finds a source for this part.) So my next option is RMA to Asus, without a warranty. Does anyone know in general what costs I can expect for a non-warranty RMA including replacement/labor from Asus? And out of curiosity how long it might take them? Thanks for everyone's input by the way as this issue has not been very well documented to this point. If you have this problem please make an account and let us know here so we can be heard.

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                            Having same issue.


                            What I usually do is either close the lid, wait for the sleep LED on the side to start blinking 5-10 seconds later, then open the lid again. Or press power button and wait for the LED on it to start blinking, then press it again to wake up the machine.


                            Seems this happens when there is a switch in power mode (and probably switch between the 2 VGA cards in the laptop), as the same happens on an HP which also has 2 VGAs of the same type.

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                              Just to confirm on this issue, even after the nVidia* and Intel(R) video drivers are uninstalled, and no external display is connected (through HDMI or any other interface)


                              Then you try to boot to the BIOS (not the operating system) on these systems, and you do not get any video display from the integrated LCD display of the laptop, is this correct?


                              One thing you may try as part of troubleshooting is updating your system BIOS. This is provided by Asus* at:

                              ASUS ZENBOOK UX32VD - Notebooks & Ultrabooks - ASUS

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                                Having the same problem with LCD after Intel HD update.

                                Screen just blinks 2-3 times while system  loading - but screen stays black and blank.

                                Try to boot to BIOS with no cables or devices connected to laptop - no results.

                                Latest BIOS version already installed (re-flash is not possible  - "You try to flash old version BIOS").

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                                  Please provide the dxdiag report from your system or specify the full model and manufacturer name of the system you have, along with the drivers versions installed, and specify what happens when you roll back to the driver provided by your laptop manufacturer.

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                                    Has anyone found a solution? This just happenned to me as I was doing a fresh install of windows 7 on my UX32VD... I'm so mad that more than one year later this driver is still out there and doing so much damage! thank you intel

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