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    DX58S0 & Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver


      I've had problems installing the Intel Rapid Storage Technology ( on DX58SO running Windows 7 Pro x64. All my attempts failed.  An Intel tech rep suggested installing version for the DX58 (SO2/OG). That install was successful. However, I recently attempted to create RAID 5 volume using the software and the attempt failed due to an unknown error. The software suggested reinstalling the software as one solution. I will attempt to do that. But, I was wondering if Intel intends to update the DX58SO Intel RST driver from version 10 to version 11? What are the differences between Intel RST versions 10 and 11?






      I attempted to remove the RST 11 and install the RST 10. The system froze repeatedly on the windows start-up screen just as it did when I first installed the os. I was able to restore the os after several attempts using windows repair and system restore.


      I downloaded and reinstalled the RST 11 to see if that would resolve my "unknown error" when attempting to create a RAID 5 volume. The reinstall did not resolve anything.


      I think there is a problem with RST 10 for the DX58SO running Windows 7 Pro x64. I have not been able to install that driver on two DX58SO boards. The board's AA numbers ended in 501 and 705.


      Is there a way to troubleshoot the RST and determine why this system fails to create a RAID volume? I attempted to create a raid volume from my "D" & "E" drives, but that attempt failed as well.


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          My issue with Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST), DX58SO and Windows 7 x64 is resolved with Intel RST version The link below was provided by Intel Tech Support on a Support Chat.


          Download Center


          After two Intel Support chat sessions where the techs were pushing CTRL I to create a RAID 5 volume in lieu of troubleshooting the RST, I was finally offered the above link, because I didn't want to reload Windows 7 and all the other programs on my system disk. If you use CTRL I to create a RAID volume, you will lose everything on the volume disks, to include the OS.


          The DX58SO Support Driver Download Center has RST When I attempted to install this driver, my system froze at the windows start screen. I was required to repair windows and use system restore to get the system to boot again.


          About a year ago, an Intel tech on Intel Support Chat recommended using the RST on the DX58SO2/DX58OG driver download to resolve the issue with RST 10 noted above. RST installed without freezing Windows, but would not create a RAID volume due to "unknown error."


          Today, on Intel Support Chat, a tech offered a link to RST and suggested I remove all optical drives from the board. I did and I got the same results as RST The program loaded without freezing Windows, but fails to create a RAID volume due to "unknown error."


          Today on my second Intel Support Chat, a tech offered a link to RST, the link posted above. It worked. The program loaded without freezing Windows and it created a RAID 5 volume without errors.


          I asked the techs why these versions of RST were not on the DX58SO driver download center and they both indicated that the driver download center is not up to date. I find that strange.


          This RST issue has existed on three different versions of the DX58SO; boards with AA numbers that ended in 501, 503 and 705. So, I don't think this is an isolated tech issue.


          If you're Intel RST program on a DX58SO running Win 7 Pro x62 fails to create a RAID volume due to "unknown error," then the fix is likely the link posted above.