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    Problems with second Intel Matrix RAID 5 in Hyper V


      I have Hyper V loaded on a Intel RAID 1 using two 1TB drives. Works fine. I have loaded Win2008 and Win2003 as child operating systems. I have defined four 1 TB drives as a RAID 5 volume in the Intel Matrix Raid BIOS ctl-I as a second RAID. I am having problems seeing the second RAID 5 in Hyper V. Do you know what Diskpart commands I use to creat the second RAID 5 under Hyper V? Can you load the diskmanager under Hyper V? I have a S3200sh motherboard. Hyper V is not listed as an operating system on the intel web site under utilities. I have loaded the stand alone character mode Hyper V not the one in Win2008. I have applied all the updates. Using diskpart should I be able to see any of the drives or volume?