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    Is intel graphics supported well to FreeBSD?


      I think FreeBSD is a hope for open source desktop OS.

      Below is my idea:

      In future, the favorite open source desktop OS will be FreeBSD

      3 reasons for that fact:

      1, Open source desktop OS will get 15% market share, coz most geek community will accept that OS for their desktop PC.

      2, GPL like linux will lose it's popularity in the desktop computing market.

      Most ideas would be commercialize for letting authors make money.

      GPL/Linux for server has been good for that, coz they can offer service and support for companies.

      In the Desktop market, the user is individual. It can not be possible to offer service to get benefits.

      And the open source OS users are geeks who think support is unnecessary for their PC.

      3, FreeBSD is stable, mature and modern through long long time development.

      BSD licence is friendly to commercialization. BSD desktop OS will get popularity increasingly.