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    Intel HD Graphics Driver / Mouse Cursor Issue


      I have Windows 8 64bit on a HP 8440p with an Intel HD Graphics chipset.  The laptop has a Core i5 - M520 chip.


      I have the issue when the cursor changes over any links, and lags.  The issue is described exactly here:

      windows 8 - Cursor lag when mouse cursor changes? - Super User

      and here:



      It seems like Intel fixed the issue on the newer HD4000 drivers.  But on the video card before that (mine), the new drivers did not fix my issue.  The Intel page offers the drivers one revision back, but those also had the issue.


      On the Intel support page, I select:  Graphics, Laptop Graphics Drivers, Intel Core Processors with HD Graphics for my video card.


      If I disable the mouse scheme and set this to none, then the issue goes away.  I'd like a driver that fixes this problem and allows me to use the Default Windows 8 scheme from Intel.