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    S1200BTLR RMM4LITE inconsistent video output


      Hi - I have a brand new S1200BTLR installed with an RMM4LITE so I can enable the remote KVM features.


      However, the Video part of the Keyboard, Video and Mouse often is blank.  I have to quit the Java application, re-connect to to see anything after video modes switch.  This happens routinely after I press F2 to get to the BIOS settings, then again once the system starts booting and the console messages appear.


      Is there any solution to this?  I'm running on a Mac OS X Mountain Lion laptop with the latest Java 7 (I have to, Apple keeps disabling anything older).

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          I have seen different results with different browsers.  Chrome, and Firefox version 15 and earlier seem to work best.  Which browsers have you tried?

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            Chrome, Safari (6.0.4), Firefox (20.0).


            However, I've had no issues with actually downloading the jviewer.jnlp and executing it.  Java 7 (64-bit) starts up fine; it just doesn't work consistently.


            I've been reading that some people have had success with the CD-ROM feature only on Java 6 32-bit.  However, since I'm running on a current Mac OS X I have no real options for downgrading my Java 6 to 32-bit, since Java 7 is required for a lot of my other management applications and Oracle does not make a 32-bit version of Java 7 for Mac.