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    Intel HD Graphics 3000 - Is there a solution?

    Eric Johnson

      I have been trying to diagnose an issue with a Shuttle SH67H3 running the integrated graphics on an Intel Core i5 2500k where monitors connected to the HDMI port via a HDMI cable or DVI adapter will not detect. As mentioned in MANY posts on this site, The problem is where the secondary monitor connected to the HDMI port suddenly stops working, I have tried BIOS updates, Driver updates, Firmware updates to all components with on available etc etc.


      It seems Intel has provided no official solution to this problem, And now that this issue is starting to crop up on 70+ company computers, This is going to be a MASSIVE problem if its not rectified shortly.


      Can Intel or anyone provide us with a solution to this problem? We need to be able to utilise both the DVI and the HDMI port on the onboard connectors.