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    SCSI CARD for DZ77RE-75K


      Hi all,


      Could someone suggest an Ultra 320 SCSI card that will work with the DZ77RE-75K mobo?  Raid support is not required.


      I recently upgraded a system.  I am booting Win7 and Ubuntu from a SATA drive with no problems.  I also have several SCSI drives and would like to continue to use them.


      I tried an Adaptec 29320LPE SGL PCIe card.  The most recent firmware update for this card was in 2009, so it is rather old.


      When booting, I could hit CTRL-A to run the card's firmware utilities.  It ran okay and it could identify the drives, but when the mobo bios booted, it hung with a constant beep.


      I am booting in the standard bios mode, not UEFI.  The mobo has the latest firmware updates.


      Thanks in advance.



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          Ruben Ramos

          Hi Dshu,


          Unfortunately not, most of all RAID controllers are made for server solutions not to be used on desktop boards. So there is no way to have it up and running perfectly with this Intel® desktop board.

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            Thanks for the info.  Here is an update.


            I discovered an Adaptec 39160 PCI card in my ancient hardware collection with a bios date of 2000.  It is a 64 bit card, but works without any problems in a 32 bit PCI slot.  The card I mentioned previously plugged into a PCIe slot, so maybe that is why it would not work.  I ran some disk r/w tests overnight without errors.  Just to be safe, though, I think I will clone my SCSI disks to some SATA disks and retire the drives.  They are very fast (15K RPM), but only hold 160G.  Kind of a joke by today's standards.


            The main message here for future reference is that the Adaptec 39160 is compatiblewith the DZ77RE-75K.