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    Intel DP43BF PCI Ethernet compatibility


      Hi Dear community members,


      I've got a problem with Intel DP43BF PCI Ethernet controllers setting up. I'm using this motherboard on small server, which runs as winroute and NAS storage under Win Server 2008 R2.

      Recently I've tried 3 of PCI Ethernet 1Gb controllers, but none of them worked as it supposed to.

      - Intel PRO / 1000 GT couldn't identify DHCP server, though it should be supported from box. But after setting up IP adress manually it strated constantly turning on and off network interface;

      - DLint DGE-530T didn't identify DHCP also, though displayed wired cabel connection. After 20-30 seconds of usage it just freezed whole system with no options except resetting it;

      - TRENDnet Ethernet TEG-PCITXR was the best choice, because it could identify DCHP server, and even managed to grant internet access. Though high network load also freezed whole system.


      I've used last drivers for all adapters, nothing helped. Can you please advise whether it can be motherboard PCI controllers compatibilty? Or maybe I got broken PCI slot?

      Appreciate any help. Thanks.