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    D945GCNL no boot, post code 25



      CPU: E4400

      Board: D945GCNL

      Memory: KVR667D2N5/1G *2


      This computer was working fine.

      But one day, it has no display suddenly.


      I tried both memory and cpu on other board. They work fine.


      Now i just installed the CPU, one memory on first slot to try to boot up.

      But it returns post code 25.

      I have tried to unplug the BIOS jumper ,recover the BIOS by using NL0036 / NL0005.

      But because no display, i don't know how its process.

      After a long time ( ~15 mins). I shut it down and plug the jumper back to config mode and turn it on, but still no display.


      So what can i do now???