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    What is diff. between Mobile Intel HD vs. Intel HD Graphics 4000?


      I'm looking to buy a new laptop and saw that for graphics, the description says Mobile Intel HD, while for other laptops the description says Intel HD Graphics 4000. So what is the difference? Thanks in advance.

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          This is just marketing information from the online store or place of purchase. Please bear in mind the Intel Graphics Controller is called Intel® HD Graphics first generation, Intel® HD Graphics 2000/3000 or Intel® HD Graphics 4000/2500. The same for mobile computers like laptop computers.


          See below for product specifications:





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            If you wanna buy a laptop for gaming, make sure you do not buy a notebook with any intel GPU. The graphics memory of all of them is 64 MB which means weakest possible GPU in the world!

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              I would just like to correct the above statement for anyone else like me who happens to find this post in their research. After looking at the second link in the first reply the spec sheet says that the video memory on the processor sets i3 or above is up to 1.7GB. Most dedicated mobile video cards have 2GB. While a dedicated video card is better for gaming to say that this Graphics set is the weakest is incorrect.

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                i want to reply to above replyer my english might not be the best but anyways you are absolutely wrong the memory isnt that important you d.... i coud pick gpu with for example 10 gigs of ram but weak graphics processor it self nether gp coud use that mutch nor ram is necessuary we are talking about how mutch and how fast it can perform and the real in touch use woud be best comparson talking about integrated gpu. the integrated gpu cant beat expencive gpus witch is created for gaming etc. i using intel graphics myself on cpu 2nd Generation Intel Celeron B840 and its not that great for gaming i did major fail picking my laptop i didnt really payd attention to that new integrated gpu and bought it anyways its fine for 2D thinks like 1080p youtube video playback or flash games but not that great for 3D games like minecraft on lowest possible setting i can get 60 fps in void witch is nothing loaded but for example in world spawns or more players it just cant keep up its unplayable in lowest settings (9-15fps) its not for gaming in most cases if you want pc or laptop for any better games i highly recomend picking more or less powefull gpu because lag is just freaking anoying. one good think about this gpu is when i used winxp with hdd 7200rpm i was unable to play youtube smoothly even on 144p but since i switched to ssd and installed win7 i can see huge benefits like 1080 video playback or smooth flash play wich im not using mutch i wanted to play and im verry sad panda


                want pc for games ALWAYS look for separate GPU i personaly see two ways for intell hd graphics is when your gpu breakes and you need to use pc for emergency or you need office pc and you need only 2D applications