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    USB 2.0 update on 845GLAD (no integrated LAN) motherboard crashed system


      Hi all,

      I'm running an older system that has the Intel 845GLAD motherboard in it.  I currently have XP sp3 Home on it.


      I recently did a reinstall on a new harddrive of my XP and updated it completely to current SPs but realized I had no sound driver.  I decided to go to Intel's site and install the audio driver, but saw other drivers that were released to update.  Thought it'd be a good idea to get those other drivers -- namely the application accelerator and the USB 2.0 driver updates.


      Well, everything went fine until I decided to fire up my USB printer.  No sooner than I turn it on my system crashes.


      Confirmed it by unplugging my USB printer from the system; currently sending this request on that same system now.


      I tried doing a system restore but that failed because the system didn't find any changes that would deem the need to restore....even going back a few restore points, each failed.


      I'm looking for some help; how do I fix this?


      Thank you very much.