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    Intel Graphics 3000 HDMI Problem with Samsung 32' TV


      Hello, i can´t use my HDMI on my samsung TV.. My Drivers are updated , I did some test to explain my problem



      Test  1

      I connect My dell laptop in a LG TV 42'  using the same HDMI cable





      Works Fine in the resolution 1920x1080(in others words, my pc and my graphic card accepts the resolution 1920x1080)My  HDMI cable it´s fine too)


      Test 2

      I connect my pc on my Samsung 32' TV. Just showed "no signal" in tv and "video not detected' in laptop


      Test 3

      I Connect another HDMI device in Samsung TV 32', works fine


      Test 4

      I Connect my PC in another Samsung TV 42', the same error.. No signal and device is not connected..


      In summarize. My input HDMI in my TV Works, My Graphic Card accept the Tv´s resolutions, My Cable Works.. I think that Samsung TV´s have a incompatibility with dell or intel graphics 3000 card..


      any suggestions?