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    AMT and FreeBSD scripts

    Kamil Czekirda

      We have two problems with Intel AMT and FreeBSD.


      On AMT version:  8.1.20-build 1336 AMT stop responding about five minutes after booting FreeBSD, it's FreeBSD 9.1-STABLE, 64 bit.

      On Linux AMT works fine. We suspect driver, but it's similar like on Linux.


      We have shell scripts to manage computers, on version 5 (older computers) we can sending command like:

      curl -m 3 --anyauth -u user:password -d amt_html_rc_radio_group=2 -d amt_html_rc_boot_special=13 http://ip:16992/remoteForm

      to power on and normal boot.

      But on version 8 scripts stop working, forms are the same. Is there any changes?

      Can you show us the way to resolve problems?