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    Issue: x38 express chipset - ICH9R - windows 7 RC - eSATA external RAID enclosure




      I am using a Dell XPS 420 and in Windows 7 RC, it seem to have some issue detecting my eSATA RAID enclosure, which Windows Vista never had problem with.


      The enclosure I am having issue with is a Sans Digital MobileSTOR MS2UT eSATA RAID enclosure (set in hardware RAID 1). It is connected directly to a SATA port through a eSATA connector. I am using the onboard Intel RAID controller (ICH9R). The chipset drivers (Intel X38 express chipset) and the storage controller driver (SATA RAID controller driver) are updated to their latest version.

      If I have the unit ON and power-up my computer, Windows 7 will hang at the first boot "windows logo" (the one that appears before going to the login screen). Be aware that this has never happened on Vista SP1 (would boot into windows normally). I have to force shut-down the machine and close the unit in order to be able to boot in W7.


      Once I am in W7, the only way I found to kind of get the enclosure to work is:
      by powering-up the unit, then by going in Computer Management>Storage>Disk Management, right-click and select Rescan Disks; after several minutes, the unit will appear. If I restart again, same issue where it will hang at boot logo.


      Now remember that I never had any problem with this enclosure in Vista whatsoever; I get straight into Vista without a hitch, and that, using the same configuration. Also, note that I have tried another enclosure, this time a single drive eSATA enclosure and with this one I can boot up fine and windows 7 detects the drive like a charm.


      What could be wrong here? RAID controller driver issue with W7? Does W7 proceeds differently than Vista on boot when detecting drives?

      If anyone can help with this I would really appreciate.... hope I can get this working before RTM


      Please help! Thanks in advance!